The pillars of Aldea's expertise

Aldea’s expertise is based on a methodological and functional foundation, proven by continual feedback and the latest market developments. Our consultants know your business and are committed to the success of your objectives.


Strategy consulting

How can you take advantage of technology transformation opportunities to develop your organization?

Your company needs to take advantage of digital developments. Your teams work in isolation and waste too much time on worthless activities. Are your departments struggling to build dashboards and indicators?

Based on a diagnosis and an assessment report, Aldea allows you to build a realistic transformation plan, adapted to your challenges and taking advantage of the changes in the market.

Our approach is not limited to a technical or strictly methodological approach.

Our consultants listen to your teams and lay the groundwork for an action plan adapted to the personality of your organization.

  • Information system audit, master plan, transformation plan, market study, benchmarking, business model.
  • Customer relationship strategy, ticketing strategy, business roadmap.

Ticketing, shop, CRM & digital

What innovations can enhance your sales & audience expansion activities?

Do you welcome people on a daily basis or for events? Museums, concert halls, sightseeing, wine tours, zoos, stadiums, arenas, sports clubs, leagues, federations, etc. We can help you create a new venue, modernize an information system, transform a sales offer, and continuously improve your organization and business processes.

Project management and successful change

How do you make a success of both the technical and management sides of the project?

Almost always reduced to simple training operations, the success of change management is thus compromised even before the project begins. Our consultants benefit from specific and permanent training aimed at analyzing the human and managerial issues of the project, as much as the functional and technical ones.

Project management consists of a permanent search for balance in a moving system: technical and procedural logic must not impose their constraints. Each stage of the project must have specific activities and deliverables dedicated to change management.

Our expertise is organized around three levels of intervention.

  • Diagnose the maturity of project management and change management.
  • Define the operational modalities and reference systems of management.
  • Provide operational support for the management of activities.

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