Management consulting & Information systems

Our mission is to lead businesses and non-profit organizations in their effort to align Information Technology (IT) with their strategic objectives.

Our 30 senior consultants and 20 full time preferred partners’ work on IT management related’ projects, and offer a comprehensive range of services

Matching the organization and the technology

Aldea skills cover the entire life cycle of Information Systems, from the preliminary studies to installation right up to organizational changes.

Preliminary studies and information systems strategy

Aldea guides IT and operational units in their analisis of their information systems and explore s innovative solutions that take into account our clients’ unique set of constraints and challenges (strategic, competitive, budgetary, human, etc.)


Project management

Aldea displays a wide range of skills: formulating the needs, selecting solutions and software, validating the main contractor’s choices, planning and supervising projects, analyzing the risk..

Organization study

After a close study both analyzing and diagnosing existing processes, Aldea leads its clients into structural change, recommending and setting up target processes and organizing workstations.


Change management

Aldea is an expert in change management. Its expertise covers the setting up of new organizations and new information systems: change support strategy, deployment strategy, communication, training, coordination of the implementation project.

Aldea does not have any ties with auditors, software sellers, IT integration or outsourcing specialist. Aldea is therefore completely autonomous and provide its clients with independent and objective advices and recommendations.

Aldea’s clients denoted its ability to serve any kind of organization and technical problematic (geographical information system, assets management, marketing, project management methodology) … though Aldea have been specialized in different sector of activities: car industry, telecom, energy, utilities, Bank, transport and culture.

Our General Introduction : aldea_general-introduction.pdf